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About Buddha Zen Hotel

Experiencing Zen is a start of freedom. You can accommodate yourself at Buddha Zen Hotel as a passer, a guest, a worshipper, or a home-returnee, for getting your mind purified.

Buddha Zen Hotel, a territory for Buddha-worshippers, is located at Wenshufang folk and custom street and adjacent to famous thousands-year Wenshuyuan Buddhist Temple, where you can listen to Buddhist sermons, smell incense, and experience ancient charms everyday. Moreover, the hotel is in the circle of Central Business District (CBD) of Chengdu, and near Tianfu square-the heart of Chengdu and Yanshikou commercial circle.

Buddha Zen is named by Master Chishan as the first hotel with the theme of Buddha Zen culture in China. The design of the hotel follows the spirit of Buddha Zen with the combination of traditional Chinese aesthetics. Its interior design is unique and its couplets are meaningful. In the hotel, there are a plenty of rare Tangkas, ancient temple paintings and antiques, which include the oldest man-made embroidery of Qing Dynasty in Sichuan. It is a good chance for you to feel a sort of predestined relationship with Buddhism in the hotel. Buddha Zen Hotel has asked the prestiged monk to pray four-facet Dari Rulai Buddha status from Nepal to settle in the North Hall of the hotel. It is fextremely attractive, especially its couplets as ‘Four-facet Buddha look through all around while bless East, West, South and North; Eight-direction wind runs through all around while passes Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter – Be Companions Always.’ It is so called that great boon will be achieved from Buddha after you walk around him three times with sincere respect.

Buddha Zen Hotel was born with excellence and continues creating marvels without any counterpart. The tranquility included in the traditional culture is showcased by the active modern expressions. Surrounded by the noisy metropolitan culture, you still have a chance to experience an eremite’s life in the hotel, where you can have vegetarian meals in Rong Zhai Restaurant, enjoy sauna in Zi Zai Spa, talk about doctrines in Jian Cha Teahouse, and get a good rest in any one of the thirty five guestrooms which are deliberately decorated with Buddha Zen style and the first choice for Buddhist dignitaries, Buddha-worshippers, and high-end business persons.

In and out Buddha Zen Hotel, you can see a world with round sky and square earth.